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Find a Husband is part of the dating network, which includes many other general dating sites. As a member of Find a Husband, your profile will automatically be shown on related general dating sites or to related users in the network at no additional charge. For more information on how this works, click here. Support; FAQ/Help; Contact Us blogger.com is an online dating service is focused on helping you find a husband based on values, intellect, character and humor - not just a photo and zip code. eHarmony offers guided Free Site To Find Husband MeetFems helps women find the right man for marriage using online search tools. Just register, make profile to search men as per criteria that fit the profile of  · Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it is not that easy. The truth is that there is no single geographical location for where to find a husband and not just any husband, but a good So yes it is possible to find your future husband online. My coworker and her boyfriend live near each other so that is important. I was in a online friendship for 3 years but we lived 4 hours ... read more

That doesn't mean you won't find someone whom you love and are passionate with. Part 2. Show your interest. When you've met someone that you think you might like, show them that.

While this doesn't mean getting super clingy and pouring your emotions all over them, it does mean that you give off signs of interest, like flirting. You can use this without any of the other accoutrement that articles on flirting always recommend.

When you're talking with the guy, dancing with him, or giving him looks across the dance floor, maintain constant eye contact. In the beginning it might be a little uncomfortable, but it goes from uncomfortable to soul-piercing pretty quickly and builds a connection between the two of you.

This will soften the intensity of your gaze, and it will also show that you are interested. Never try to fake a smile, because fake smiles never reach your eyes. Ask him questions about himself. People love to talk about themselves, so it will make him more likely to open up and to realize that you're interested in him.

Don't immediately jump in after he talks with an anecdote of your own. Instead ask follow up questions on whatever he just said. Maintain your own life. You need to make sure that you have your own life outside of him. Have nights out with just your friends. Go and do fun things by yourself. Not only will you show that you aren't clingy, but the two of you will have more stuff to talk about when you meet up.

Don't drop everything to meet up with him every time he asks. You don't want to blow him off, or say no so many times he doesn't think you're interested. However, you do want to make it clear that you have things going on in your life other than him and while you enjoy being with him, he isn't the only thing you have going on.

For example: if he calls and asks you to go out that night, say something like "I'd love to, but I promised my friend I'd go to her art exhibit opening.

Maybe we could meet up next weekend? Make him laugh. Laughter is a great way to pique someone's interest. You don't have to turn into a stand-up comedian to do this, fortunately. It's also important to remember that each person has a unique sense of humor. You'll need to gauge the types of things he thinks are funny before you launch into your witty repartee. One type of humor that tends to work well on most people is telling a funny story, something that actually happened.

For example: tell him about the time that you got lost in the metro system and had to have your friend come and rescue you, or that time you tried to make donuts and ended up almost burning down your apartment. Don't belittle yourself, however. Don't call yourself stupid or dumb or whatever pejorative you come up with. This will feed into your insecurities rather than boosting your confidence.

You can poke a little gentle fun at yourself without calling yourself names. Be nice to his friends. Just as with women, the opinion of a guy's friends is going to be very important to whether he keeps seeing you and whether he gets serious about your relationship. You will want to make sure that they like you. This doesn't mean that you have to be a pushover and bend over backwards to accommodate his friends.

Likewise, if they say rude or disparaging things that you don't agree with, you have every right to call them out. In fact, you should probably reconsider the relationship with your guy.

When you're hanging out with your guy and his friends, ask them questions about themselves what do they do as a job? where are they from? what did they study in college?

what did they want to be when they were little? Again, people love talking about themselves and if his friends think you really care about the answers, they're going to be a lot more interested in keeping you around. Part 3. Don't take things too fast. A big problem that people have when it comes to dating is rushing into things. You really want to get married, and that's completely understandable, but you have to really make sure that you want to be married to this person for the rest of your life, otherwise it's going to cause problems down the road.

It's usually best to give it three months before you start to get more serious. This amount of time lets you get over the initial high the "honeymoon phase" and allows to you look at the relationship more clearly. For example, say you meet a nice guy and you've gone on a few dates. Instead of right away trying to hint towards marriage or moving in together, you step back and let things move naturally in that direction.

He's less likely to feel broadsided by your need for a husband. Temper your expectations. Another thing that has a tendency to foul up relationships is too many expectations.

If you're coming into a relationship with your entire marriage and life until death planned out, that's a huge amount of pressure to put on another person. Chances are things aren't going to work out in the way you have planned welcome to life. For example, say you've gone out with a guy for a few dates and you're already telling your friends that he's "The One" and you're spending all this time fantasizing about your perfect marriage together, instead of spending time with him just being in the present relationship.

You have to allow that relationship to develop as it will. There's nothing wrong with daydreaming, or hoping that he might be the man you marry, but you have to make sure that you're grounded in the reality of the relationship. That amazing guy in your head might bear little resemblance to the guy you're actually dating and it will hurt you when he turns out not to be like you've been imagining him.

Engage with his interests. A good way to make sure that things progress further than a few dates is to engage in the things that he's interested in. This doesn't mean molding yourself to what you think he wants, or that you leave your own interests by the wayside.

It means that you find out about his interests, ask him about them, and maybe try them out. For example: He really likes to swim.

You could ask him about the kinds of swimming he does, how he got into swimming, does he like to compete, and so on. You could even have him help you improve your own swimming techniques.

Remember, though, if he is only interested in his own hobbies and never in yours, there are going to be problems later on. He's probably a bit narcissistic and certainly not as interested in you as you deserve. Don't take him for granted. A really important part of creating a lasting relationship is to make sure that you show the other person how important they are to you. He'll feel that he's important to you and that will strengthen your relationship. Tell him what he means to you.

Say things like "It really means a lot to me that you did all the dishes last night," or "Thank you so much for listening to me rant about my terrible day. Gauge his interest in marriage. You need to find out whether he's the marrying type and how he might feel about marrying you, in specific. If he doesn't want to marry and that's super important to you, then it might be time to move on and find someone with whom you are more compatible.

You can come right out and ask "How do you feel about marriage? It might be better to ease into this question. You could bring up some mutual friends who just got married, or someone at work and say "I think that your earlier 30s are a good time to get married, what do you think? You should also pay attention to how he uses "we" and "us" in referring to the future.

The more he's making future plans with you in terms of a partnership the more likely he is to be looking towards marriage and commitment. Luis Congdon Relationship Coach. Personal Care and Style Fashion Hair Care Personal Hygiene. Youth Personal Care School Stuff Dating. All Categories.

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Look in the right places. Instead of intentionally searching out places where single men gather, do things that interest you in places you enjoy spending time.

It'll be easier to find high-caliber guys who share your interests if you actually remain true to those interests. Traditionally feminine hobbies are less likely to attract guys. Understand that the place you meet the guy will usually reflect on his character, too.

Most men you meet at bars and clubs aren't looking for serious relationships and won't necessarily be "marriage material. Consider online dating. If you haven't had any success meeting men in the real world, turn to the digital world. Online dating has a bad reputation within some social circles, but when used wisely, it can be a very helpful tool in today's dating scene.

Usually, these are the websites that require you to pay a fee and fill out personality questionnaires. If marriage is your end goal, you should avoid most free online dating websites and those that specialize in casual relationships. Exercise caution when meeting potential matches in person. Always meet in public places. Let others know where you'll be and who you'll be with. Ask around. Let your family and friends know that you're ready to pursue a serious relationship, and ask them if they know of any single guys who might be interested.

Rely on trustworthy loved ones who have a solid understanding of your personality instead of asking casual acquaintances for the favor. Spend time alone. Embarking on this quest with your friends might make you feel less nervous, but it may also decrease your odds of success. Men are more likely to approach a woman when she's alone, so you should occasionally spend time out by yourself. Keep your eyes open. You might cross paths with the right guy on a daily basis without even realizing it.

Open your mind to the possibilities that may exist in your everyday life, whether you're at work, running errands, or enjoying your free time. Tread with caution, though. A romance gone wrong can make relationships with coworkers and friends unbearably awkward, so it's best to get to know these guys platonically before attempting anything romantic.

Part 2. Consider the possibilities. As long as you're not in an actual relationship with anyone, you have the freedom to date different guys. If there are multiple guys with an interest in you, get to know each one before committing exclusively to one man. Be honest about with the guys you're seeing. If a particular guy wants to pursue an exclusive relationship with you but you aren't sure about him yet, don't pretend to agree to his wishes while seeing other guys behind his back.

Be selective without being picky. You need to set standards if you want to weed out the wrong guys, but you also need to know the difference between reasonable expectations and unreasonable demands. You obviously can't expect a guy to be perfect, but you can and should expect him to demonstrate essential personality traits like respect and sincerity. Expect mutual attraction.

While there's such a thing as being too shallow regarding looks, physical attraction is still an important component of this whole equation. If you aren't attracted to a guy, you probably won't want to establish any sort of physical intimacy with him, thereby creating an obstacle for your long-term happiness. Similarly, the guy also has to feel attracted to you.

The physical component of your relationship will only be successful if the attraction between you remains mutual. Found potential relationships on friendship. Instead of seeking romance from the guys who approach you, get to know them as platonic friends first. Friendship is a stronger foundation to build a lasting relationship on than attraction.

You can also look through his mailbox on his phone just in case you find nothing. This is a very industrious and much effective option. If you are not able to do all that has been listed above maybe because you feel you might be sloppy, it is advisable you hire a private investigation. Go for a registered and professional private investigator. These individuals charge certain amount of money and depending on how good, it could be quite expensive.

If you are sure your husband is hiding something, then it is worth the while. if not, it is not too late to turn back now. Private investigators have access to more databases and resources that you would ever have. They can also have what it takes to scan browsing histories and emails. Input his names or nicknames and keep on accessing the results.

Here, you are looking for his profile on dating sites. Better still, you can use his picture to search for him. Watch this video for how to search using his picture. Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you? The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number 1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him. If you find something out, you must confront him.

You guys would have to sit down and talk about the whole issue. If you did not find any clue also, and you still feel he has something he his hiding from you, maybe it is high time you confronted him.

In confronting you must take certain things into consideration. They include:. You should be extremely careful when carrying out the steps listed above being that you would not want to cause more havoc to your marriage. Ensure you do nothing illegal and remember, no matter the outcome, the aim is to save your marriage. Communication, acceptance of fault and a desire to make things right would do the job well. Do you feel like all you think about is him, but he only thinks about himself? This doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

You have to understand how he is wired. Once you do, you'll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you. Watch this quick video that explains how this one thing will get you to think about you first. Wtheck lady If hes cheating on you, you find out if though by your writing it seems you think how would be more appropriate your the cause, I mean really.

First off if most men are cheating, theres nothing you can do, except drive yourself insane trying to figure out how it's your fault and how you can fix it. If he didnt come to you and say hey honey I want or need more of this or less of this in our marriage, he will most likely do it again no matter what you do. He chose to get married he chose to make a commitment to you and then he chose to break it the reasons behind it may or may not matter, sometimes it's just who he is it's just his nature and he'll never be faithful no matter how hard you try no matter what you do.

As far as sexually well you either grow together or you grow apart you can be the best of the best of the best in the bedroom if he's a cheater he still going to cheat.

My husband and I are very sexually active. He has always sent me messages saying how great sex was. But I found out he has a sexual addiction and finding more and more Sites. This is not normal and the problem is not me. He is also an alcoholic. I refuse to take the blame for his lies, deception and cheating. To blame the spouse is like blaming a rape victim for getting raped. I dont agree with some of this. I'm already doing everything I can on my part to try and save my relationship with my fiance for a long time so if he is being unfaithful and cheating on me, and it's my fault and I have to put more effort into it?

Let's say he went and did something behind my back, not only he lied and cheated, I'd be worried he bring me home an STD. Doesn't line up to me. But I'll try harder to make it better for him. To me cheating is never okay when you're in a committed relationship or marriage. Please speak to a licensed mental health infidelity counselor.

Nothing the partner did in anyway, problems in the marriage or not made their partner make the CHOICE to cheat! A betrayed partner is not to blame for the sole choices of there partner EVER!

The cheater caused immense pain and heartache to the one they claim they love.

Cheating of any kind, to any degree, is immoral, and it is a big deal. Understand that this is a wakeup call that your marriage has not been working well for some time now. You too can have a fresh start; some situations more easily than others, but in almost every case.

In this article, I will help you better understand what is happening, and hopefully convince you to take a realistic approach that will put your marriage on solid ground again, moving towards a relationship that is more fulfilling than it has ever been. The shock, disappointment, confusion, and numbness you may feel at the moment always passes. I promise that you will get past this one way or another. Rather than just reacting randomly to the situation, why not proactively get your marriage back under control and moving in the right direction?

When done right, this will ensure that not only will dating sites cease to be an issue, but all of your other problems will stop popping up again and again. You can improve your marriage without his participation, or even his knowledge of what you are doing. And to be honest, it is best that way, trust me. Most of our clients are wives who have done it this way. Turn this boulder of an obstacle into a stepping stone towards marital happiness. My desire is to not just help you get your marriage back on track, and we are very good at that, but also to give you what you need to fulfill your original reason for getting married: to be happy.

We have helped countless wives who were told it was impossible to save their marriage even after months of traditional marriage counseling and marriage retreats. But if you pretend that things at home were fine until now, you are fooling yourself. Things were NOT fine. But both of you participated in your marriage getting to the point where he would even consider looking elsewhere. That is the fundamental problem. What occurred in your marriage that brought it to that point?

Who is to blame is irrelevant. The only thing that matters now is how you get back on track by fixing those underlying problems. And as a woman, you alone possess a unique, inherent power to change everything for the better, which we will discuss in this article.

Some wives are so overwhelmed with anger that they cannot hear the truth no matter what. If you are still in that place of anger try reading this article later, because it would be better to save your family rather than lose it over infidelity. You might consider rebuilding your marriage just for the kids, as children can be tragically harmed by divorce.

We want your marriage to be better than ever, and we can help you get there. Let his straying be a wake-up call for you. If you keep doing what you have been doing, then your marriage will keep getting worse, guaranteed.

But if you start taking positive steps now, you will not only save your marriage, but you will be able to have a great one; I promise you that, too. I got all of my clients from marriage counselors who could do nothing for couples. Then I started saving their marriages.

Everything ultimately begins with your choice of whether you want to start taking proactive action to rebuild your marriage while you still can, or if you want to let everything crumble because of his grave error. He did not do it to hurt you. Thinking he did so only adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the mess. Marriage is the deepest and most holy relationship you will probably ever have.

It is a union between two souls, hence the term soulmate. What that means in practice is that you, as a soul, are supposed to employ your free-will and utilize your body and mind for the soul purpose of expressing love in ways that are not possible in any other relationship. Marriage is the perfect safe-space for doing so. Couples who live in such a harmonious, loving marriage would never consider cheating. Not because it is immoral, but because their hearts are so full of love that the thought never enters into their minds.

Does that make sense? Ideas that lead toward a fulfilling marriage for both of you. You reacted to each other, jabbed each other, were sarcastic, argued with each other over the silliest things, and generally took each other for granted. Without cultivating real love, you never know the true depth of intimacy and what it means.

I can tell you it is far beyond anything physical. It is a true, spiritual experience to connect with your soulmate. Most couples feel it at their wedding for a brief moment, then they lose it as they get drunk at the reception. Neither of you knew about this. What you both should have been doing is properly cultivating loving behavior and habits that express true, unconditional love. It is not too late. You can start now, but please acknowledge to yourself that you have not done so up to this point.

I have been doing this for a long time. You cannot fool me as easily as you can yourself. Both of you participated in developing this situation and the proof is in the pudding.

It is only a symptom. It is the end result of months or years of bickering, lack of respect, and harmful underlying dynamics. If you fix the real issues, your marriage will heal very quickly and he will come back to his senses and his wife. We have seen this happen time and time again over decades and it will likely happen for you too if you take my message to heart and adhere to it. This means you will have to learn to understand yourself, him, and your marriage.

How else, without love, will you be able to forgive what he has done? However, on your road to recovery, there are many things you cannot do if you want to see success. Any of these things you might try will backfire. This might seem unrealistic and counter-intuitive, but take our word for it, we have seen these situations countless times, and none of these actions work.

Learn from their mistakes! Mistakes do not end everything. You just have to start again. And absolutely do not drag him to counseling to be tag-team confronted and shamed. Confrontation is an attack, period. It causes anyone to dig in even deeper. We want to bring the two of you closer, not further apart. If you ignore this warning or have already confronted him, these are the most likely results you can expect:.

Nobody behaves well when they are confronted. This is a cardinal rule for marriage, even when things are good. Yet it is so rarely adhered to. Marriage is a private relationship that is closed off to the world. Only the two of you are supposed to know what is going on within your marriage, and that practical rule is especially true for any problems. Even loving sisters have done this. Even with counselors, keep the details minimal. Describing the details will not help in the slightest to improve your marriage—changing your behavior is the only thing that works.

Spilling all the details will not allow a counselor to help you more. This is so important that I wish I could make this bold and so strong that you had no choice but to follow it. You are obligated to provide an ultra-safe environment, for your children, like a cocoon made of steel. Your marriage is not meant to be shared with your children. It is meant to provide the love, security, training, and role models they need.

You should NEVER criticize or condemn your husband, anyway; but especially do not do it in front of your children. They should no nothing! He did it because he was dissatisfied with his marriage and has not been getting what he needs out of it. Make sure to use that motivational energy to start taking action in a positive direction.

The longer you wait to deal with this situation, the further down the hill your marriage will slide. Venting is commonly touted as a necessary outlet. When you hear yourself vent, your subconscious mind takes it all back in and gives it false substance.

It validates and strengthens all of your frustrations, anger, and condemnations. What you can and should do is excuse yourself and go calm down by yourself.

Splash some water on your face in the bathroom, take a bath, go to the gym, take a walk in the park, or meditate. Come back later and address any situation that needs attention, but do it from a calm, centered place where you can express love and wisdom. The purpose of avoiding these actions is to prevent you from making things even worse. If you choose poorly, there is no bottom to how far your marriage can slide.

But if you start taking the right steps, your anger will be controlled, and not by just managing or hiding outbursts. You will be able to forgive him and you can be very happy again.

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 · Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it is not that easy. The truth is that there is no single geographical location for where to find a husband and not just any husband, but a good So yes it is possible to find your future husband online. My coworker and her boyfriend live near each other so that is important. I was in a online friendship for 3 years but we lived 4 hours AdCompare Big Range of Dating Sites Today. Find Your Perfect Match Online Now! Find Free Dating Sites That Are Fun & Easy-to-Use. Date Attractive Singles!Types: All Ages Dating Sites, Senior Dating Sites, Gay Dating Sites AdCreate an Online Dating Profile for Free! Only Pay When You Want More Features! Make a Free Dating Site Profile! Only Pay When You're Ready to Start Communicating!blogger.com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past monthService catalog: Video Chat, See Profiles, Find Singles Nearby, Match with The most important part of online dating is protecting yourself. Find out quickly, easily, and effortlessly boyfriend, husband, wife or partner is active on other dating sites and playing you. blogger.com is an online dating service is focused on helping you find a husband based on values, intellect, character and humor - not just a photo and zip code. eHarmony offers guided ... read more

I invited everyone to my party before he came to visit me. My advice is to let women know that although it is not their fault their husband is yielding to this monstrous temptation, there are things they can do about it. nevertheless he is unhappy with himself and i hate to leave. I am rather obsessed thinking about what he may be doing behind my back. Spend time alone.

If you are want to get a mail for a password reset, online dating to find a husband, you better have his phone with you also so it can be deleted once it pops up. How many understand how to gauge their own behaviors? Courses Tech Help Pro About Us Random Article. You are obligated to provide an ultra-safe environment, for your children, like a cocoon made of steel. He called me the next day and my heart was melted by his warm voice.